My Morning Routine

I’ve had a strong morning routine for almost 2 years & it’s been modified as life & circumstances change. I’ve had to adapt & modify but I’ve always prioritized having a morning routine. .

I feel strongly that cultivating & maintaining 1 is essential now more than ever! It’s 1 of the only things I feel I have control over in our current situation with being quarantined. .

So here’s my current routine & a few whys - it works for me & I hope you create 1 that works for you! .

💫M-Th I set my alarm to 4 am. My spouse works early (& son has school) & I like to make her coffee & lunch before they go to work & school (which are now at home but I still do it)


💫I say “thank you” in my head 3 times and list 3 quick things I’m grateful for: Shelter Spouse Sons I keep it simple-sometimes just food water coffee puppies pop iin2 my head. Especially lately - things we use 2 take for granted are @ the forefront of my gratitude list! .

💫I go 2 my mini monument w/ all of my crystals sage & salt lamp & burn sage & Palo Santo, grab a hold of the crystals that draw me & ask for strength for my day. Ya I close my eyes I’m corny. .

💫I go to my sink & wash my face w all @pcaskin products (I brought home a discoloration kit)I use my tongue scraper before I take my vitamins & supps. Not just for fresh breath but 2 detox my tongue & not swallow all the hunk that builds up while sleeping. .

💫I pop my earbuds in & listen 2 morning priming from @drshannonirvine & find an inspirational podcast so my mind is immediately uplifted & motivated & makes me feel like I have friends😂. My current favs are @manifestationbabe @stacytuschl @stefaniegass @thelashpreneur @jameswedmore .

💫I bring my sage w/me all thru the house & downstairs to feed the puppies, start our coffee, & start up our essential oil diffusers. We have 3 & using a lot of diff oils & the thieves line from @youngliving .

💫I wash & sanitize my hands between everything & sanitize all the counters & after I put our my sage I lysol all handles. This has always been something I’ve done but definitely more so now.


💫I go back upstairs & journal, foam roll, do yoga flow,

💫I got through my routine 3 times & add weights in between. I stand on my head or use my inversion table for as long as I can stand to get my blood flowing to my head.


💫I get my puppers ready for our walk. I push them in a stroller since our Datsun is still partially paralyzed but doing so much better while on the CBD 4Legs from Soul Tender Wellness.


💫I walk them up our neighborhood hills for at least 30 min.


💫Before I get on any emails or social media I read from my online daily meditation & my Keep It Simple book for the daily prayer which is always eerily in line with where I’m at in life! Choose whichever one works for you but I read a short one while I’m still waking up & my longer book meditation when I’m more awake after working out.


💫I like setting my intention & getting in front of my thinking before exposing myself & my mind to the world even if it’s mostly online right now. 2 hours might seem long but it’s possible. Do what works for you of course but I started getting up earlier & earlier once experiencing how beneficial this has been for my sanity!






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