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Marble Surface


From Facials to Chemical Peels & Everything in Between!

This is a one-stop shop where you can achieve that ideal reflection with the instant gratification that comes with skin care treatments that range from immediate results to more in depth treatment packages that allow you to add on supplemental treatments, mix and match, and combine long term & short term skin care goals while I guide you every step of the way


Medical Spa 

Refresh your complexion, minimize fine lines, reverse damage & pigmentation

This technology allows light resurfacing of your skin while brightening any impurities from discoloration, damage, or scarring with the miracle of proven regeneration from stem cell serum. Diminish fine lines & hydrate parched skin with hyaluronic acid, or combine these treatments for optimal results. Minimal downtime. Purchase single, combined, or packages treatments as the benefits are far more noticeable with 3-5 sessions!


Marble Surface

State of the Art Skin Tightening

Non-Invasive Facelift

BEFORE your treatment:

  • STOP using products containing active ingredients such as Retinols (Vit A) at least 2 weeks prior.

  • Avoid sun exposure for 3-4 weeks beforehand and use a sunblock.

  • area must be free of any abrasions or open wounds.

  • Do not exfoliate the skin in the 2-3 days before treatment.

  • Client will be rescheduled if exhibiting signs of cold or flu.

  • Wash face/skin with non-alcohol based cleanser day of treatment

  • No make up (if possible) or moisturizers the day of treatment

  • Write down last minute questions that come to mind for discussion.

  • Aftercare included in pricing, but you may also want to go get:

    • Gentle face wash (non-alcohol, no medicated formulas)

    • Paper towels to pat dry area instead of regular towels

    • Q-tips to use for touching cream tubes then applying to skin

…remember your actual treatment is only 49% of a successful result. 51% leans toward everything that you do to care for your new skin thereafter…

Aftercare – what to know and do:

  • Keep treated area CLEAN and DRY

  • No shower, no water (H2o) on area for 24-48 hours, it must scab over.

  • Do not use make-up at all, it is not sterile and may cause infection.

  • Never put bandages/covers on the treated area.

  • Heat sensation (feels like sunburn) will soon diminish – it is normal.

  • Upper/Lower eyelids WILL swell and it can look scary, it’s NORMAL.

  • Eye area – swelling on day 2-3 is the worst, it subsides day 4-5.

  • Ice packs help, but never put wetness directly on the skin; use a cloth.

  • No other part of skin should have severe swelling, if so, call your tech.

  • Avoid alcohol based cleansers, scrubs or creams including salicylic acid.

  • Avoid the gym, saunas, swimming pools or sweating for 5 days.

  • Be prepared to deal with the brown carbon crust, tiny scabs forming.

  • Your skin may itch while healing, tap lightly if needed – do not scratch!

  • DO NOT PICK at the dots/scabs or you will ruin your results. Please.

  • Think of the new baby skin that is being protected underneath dots.

  • Brown carbon crust dots will fall off naturally by day 4-7, stay calm.

  • It is extremely important not to judge anything just yet, you’re healing.

  • Please use your aftercare products as directed. Drink plenty of water.

  • Avoid prolonged sun exposure for next few months, wear sunblock.

  • Let heal for min 4 weeks before starting any cream for discoloration.

  • Day 1 (24 hours):

  • No creams yet, let dry

  • NO H2o on skin

  • NO make-up

  • Keep clean/dry

  • Sleep UPRIGHT 

  • *for eye area

  • Stay Positive

  • Day 2 – 5:

  • Use aftercare cream *if cleared

  • Still NO make-up

  • NO gym/sweating

  • Keep clean/dry

  • Sleep upright *eyes

  • one more day

  • Don’t freak out

  • Day 5 and onward:

  • Use aftercare cream

  • Ok to use make-up

  • Ok to sweat now

  • DO NOT pick off scabs

  • Avoid sun, no joke!

  • Be patient

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