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My Why

Initially established in Idaho in 2017, I moved to Las Vegas in 2019 & attained my license as a Master Aesthetician. As a former & current competitive athlete I not only know the difference it makes in our confidence when our skin looks healthy & glowing, I am also aware of the toll that it can tale on your skin. And some days when your skins not right, nothing seems right. Especially if you’re in a very social profession or atmosphere.

Skin is directly related to our health and not only can it be a reflection of what is happening internally, sometimes we just have issues that affect us externally and therefor our regularly high self esteem can be compromised! And although none of us can prolong aging we can certainly do so gracefully, and unapologetically. Skincare & the health of our skin can be a luxurious experience but it has also recently become recognized as the necessity that it is. We have something for  all of your wants, needs, and more! 

With over a decade of experience in the health, fitness, & nutrition industry-even competing professionally in mixed martial arts, attaining my purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and most recently competing for the first time at age 37 and placing as an NPC figure Competitor in Las Vegas in 2019-I have a wealth of knowledge in regards to how nutrition and exercise can positively or negatively affect your skin. Along with that, your self esteem and confidence. I know what it means to be judged in regards to my appearance whether that was what I was there for at the time or not. I started noticing the damage not only buy body was accruing, but my skin as well! I retired from combat sports with a new obsession that equally matched the one I had for fitness-that was the one I now have for beauty, skincare, reversing aging & skin damage, everything it entails, and everything in between. I have a lengthy and ever expanding list of certifications, along with being a licensed Esthetician. I am always furthering my education in regards to supplements, beauty products, practices, and treatments. From Lash Extensions to Fibroblast Skin Tightening & Chemical Peels, I'm obsessed with helping you attain and maintain the reflection of your dreams.

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